Sunwayfoto GA-01 T2 Kit with Magic Arm + Titan Clamp


  • GA-01 T2 Kit includes Magic Arm and Titan Clamp


The Sunwayfoto GA-01 T2 Kit with Magic Arm + Titan Clamp has a clamp and magic arm for attaching accessories to tripods or anything else that clamp can attach to.

The kit includes:

Sunwayfoto GA-01 Magic Arm

The Sunwayfoto Sunwayfoto GA-01 Magic Arm is a compact and easy-carry Aluminum Arm that tilts at both ends to allow easy mounting of accessories, clamps and brackets. The GA-01 is only 150mm in length, it’s smaller than iPhone and weights only 56g. It’s made from durable and stable aerospace grade aluminium and both ends have a 1/4″ screw thread, can be directly mounted on tripods. The arm is great to use with mobile phone brackets and other small accessories.

Each arm has an inner hexagon screw hole available at the base of the lever ball, to allow users to tighten it with the included hex wrench.

Sunwayfoto PF-01 Titan Clamp

The Sunwayfoto PF-01 Titan Clamp is a geared threaded locking clamp with support plates that can move 180degrees to get the best grip.  It features a universal 1/4″ screw thread and a 28mm platform for mounting a ball head or other accessories.  The clamp can be clamped to almost anything that will fit in the 0-55mm opening.

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Sunwayfoto GA-01 T2 Kit with Magic Arm + Titan Clamp