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February 2016

World Press Photo 2016

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An Australian has beaten over 5,000 photographers to win one of the world’s most prestigious photography prizes ‘World Press Photo of the Year 2016’.

The aim of World Press Photo is to celebrate and promote the work and high standards of visual journalism to a global audience.  This year saw 5575 photographers from 128 countries submit a staggering 82,951 photos that capture news events such as the Paris terrorist attacks, the war in Syria and the refugee crisis as well as sports and environment issues.

The winning black and white photo shows a man passing a baby through a barbed wire fence on the Hungary-Serbia border.

Australian born self-taught freelancer Warren Richardson who is currently working in Eastern Europe took the photo during five day camp out near the Hungary-Serbia border where a group of about 200 people were playing ‘cat and mouse’ with the police guarding newly constructed fence designed to stop illegal border crossing. “It was around 3:00 in the morning and you can’t use a flash while the police are trying to find these people, because I would just give them away. So I had to use the moonlight alone” Richardson said in statement

The photos was captured on a Canon EOS 5DMkII using a shutter speed of just 1/5 sec, aperture f1.4, ISO at 6400 and a lens focal length of 24mm.

Francis Kohn, chair of the World Press Photo general jury, said the image “had such power because of its simplicity, especially the symbolism of the barbed wire”. “We thought it had almost everything in there to give a strong visual of what’s happening with the refugees,” he said. “I think it’s a very classical photo, and at the same time it’s timeless. It portrays a situation, but the way it’s done is classic in the greatest sense of the word.”

Visit the World Press Photo website for a full gallery off winning images.

Australia Zoo Photography Experience

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On Sunday 7th February Photo Genius took 12 keen enthusiastic amateur photographers to Australia Zoo for a fun, informative and full day of learning about cameras and photography plus of course plenty of photo taking with of some of the zoo’s amazing and beautiful animals. Photo Genius tutor Paul Farris talks us through the day and the first Australia Zoo Photography Experience

After much excitement and an early start we arrived at the world famous Australia zoo, after counting heads the first thing to do was dish out the loan tripods and monopods to everyone in the group (essential for avoiding blurry photos when using long lenses), we then followed our zoo guide to the training room for a short three hour theory session where we covered the basic essentials of photography including understanding Aperture, shutter, ISO, exposure, focus modes, depth of field and more. With the important theory covered we left the air conditioned comfort and set off for the ‘Croccoseumn’ for a welcome break and the chance to enjoy an entertaining display that included giant snakes, native birds that soared above our heads, plus of course those prehistoric legends, the big Saltwater Crocodiles. This was our first opportunity for everyone to test out the theory and also get the big telephoto lenses out as there was plenty of action to capture from our reserved seating area. After the excitement of the Croc’s we started the afternoon practical session with photos of the Alligators, Dingo’s, Cassowary birds and Binturong before taking our seats at the ‘Dingo Diner’ for a much deserved lunch break. Once refuelled and keen to take more photos the group took a walk through ‘Roo Heaven’ to be amongst the incredibly tame and very photogenic Kangaroos as well as say hi to a photo shy Echidna. With lots more to see we then walked through ‘The Wetlands’ which is home to some amazing birdlife, the variety of colours making great subjects for our keen photographers. Next up was the Koala walkthrough which is a great way to get up close and take some fantastic photos of these very cute animals. Friendly and helpful Australia Zoo staff were also on hand for anyone wanting to pet the Koalas or even grab a selfie!  The ‘Rainforest Aviary’ was the next stop followed by the Birds of Prey and Wombats – a great mix of subjects that tested our students and their skills under a variety of changing light conditions then as the afternoon was drawing to a close it was time for the Tigers. When we arrived we found a gorgeous and very majestic Tiger resting on a rock in the warm sunshine and not in the least bit fazed by the 12 photographers who had their lenses honed in on his every movement, for many this was one of the highlights of the day. Our final stop of the afternoon was a trip to Africa and an opportunity to take photos of the Southern White Rhinoceros, Zebras and Giraffes, although they were some distance from us we had some large telephotos lenses and teleconverters to play with courtesy of Brisbane Camera Hire so everyone had the opportunity to zoom in close and capture some great photos of these amazing animals.

Customer feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed a recent workshop with Paul and Andrew – this being my second workshop with PhotoGenius and like the first I came away with further confidence in using my camera and a greater understanding of how to snap that perfect shot. The day itself was well planned and faultless. Both Paul and Andrew willingly share their knowledge. I would highly recommend Photo Genius workshops to anyone with a love of photography – novice or not.
Desley Morrison – 

The Australia Zoo experience was amazing! I really enjoyed the day and got some beautiful photos! Paul and Andrew were on hand to provide assistance and feedback on our photos to ensure we got the most out of the day. Absolutely a must do course!

Recently did their Australia Zoo experience. Fantastic teaching which moved at a great pace while making sure everyone understood the concepts of photography they were getting across. The small group size allowed for ample time one to one with the instructors to optimize the photography techniques you are applying after the classroom session. The day was great, everything ran smoothly and the lunch was quite tasty. I would highly recommend for anyone starting out in photography or those that only know the basics and want to take more control over there photos.
Calum Watson – February 2016
Thanks to everyone who attended the Australia Zoo Photography Experience and to the staff at Australia Zoo, we had an fantastic day. Make sure you check out the photos below taken on the day by our students.

The next Australia Day Photography Experience is on Sunday 13th March.

Watch this short video of our first visit to Australia Zoo

A small selection of images taken by our students

Many thanks to Bradley Phillips and Desley Morrison for the use of their photos.

Lost in Music – a photographic history of dance music and club culture

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Photo Genius founder, tutor and photographer Paul Farris is amongst an assortment of photographers who’s work is featured in a photography exhibition in London that is also set to tour the world and be released as a photo book. Hailed as the most comprehensive collection of club and dance culture images ever compiled, ‘Lost in music’ is a major exhibition featuring over 500 images that capture and document the evolution of dance music and clubbing from it’s humble beginnings to global domination.

‘Lost in music’ has been received rave reviews from the UK press.

Time Out : ‘Lost in Music’ – The Critic’s Choice

The Guardian : “Slaves to the rhythm, 30 years of hardcore ravers in pictures”

MixMag : “These incredible images document the history of clubbing”

Before moving Australia and setting up Photo Genius, Paul worked in the dance music industry as a club DJ and was also involved in artist promotions and managed London dance music store record store Uptown Records.

Watch the video – ‘Lost in Music’