10 gift ideas for photographers this Christmas

Yep, the silly season is almost upon us! So if you’ve got a photography addict in your family take a look at our guide to the Top 10 gift ideas for photographers, we’d be very happy to find any of these in our stocking on Christmas day.

Photo Genius gift voucher

Ok so whilst we may be a little biased with this one, helping someone to better understand their camera is an amazing gift and if you live in or near Brisbane then a Photo Genius gift voucher would make any enthusiastic photographers Christmas extra  special (of course if you don’t live in Brisbane then you could consider moving – it’s a fantastic city!)

Gift vouchers Photo Genius Brisbane


For anyone wanting to take amazing night photos or photos in low light a tripod is a must have bit of equipment. Whilst you can pick up very cheap tripods we recommend looking at quality well built tripods from the likes of Velbron or Manfrotto, remember a tripod is designed to keep the camera still so the sturdier the better.

Photography course Brisbane

50mm lens

Often referred to as the ‘nifty 50’, the 50mm prime lens is a popular choice for photographers who want a fixed focal length (also called prime) lens with a large aperture. The large aperture (f1.8 / f1.4) built into prime lenses will give lovely blurry backgrounds (a shallow depth of field) and are great when shooting in low light. You can pick up 50mm lenses to fit all the big camera brands, the Canon 50mm f1.8 STM is one of our favourites and is great value.

Canon 50mm f1.8 - Learn Photography blog

Camera remote

A camera remote allows you to trigger your camera without actually touching it, very useful when using a tripod and essential for low light and night photography when any camera movement can ruin a shot.  Use the remote along with the ‘bulb’ mode and you can extend your shutter speed allowing you to capture amazing photos of the stars.

Photography magazine subscription

There are lots of magazines aimed at both professional and novice photographers, these are a great source of information with tips on how to improve your photography and of course lots of great photos to inspire you to get out and shoot more. We love Capture magazine which is aimed at the professional and is well worth checking out.

Eye-Fi SD card

Some of the latest digital cameras have WiFi already built into them, if yours doesn’t then an SD memory card with in-built WiFi is a great solution and will allow you to take photos and send them directly to your smartphone, iPads, laptops or PC, just click and watch your photos appear on your favourite device.

Canon EOD DSLR - Learn Photography blog

Fuji instamax camera

Remember the days of film? Well you can rediscover the fun of shooting photos and seeing the results appear before your eyes, the range of Instamax cameras from Fujifilm are great fun and produce neat wallet-sized instant pictures. We’ve got one in the Photo Genius office and we love it!

Fujifilm Instamax - Learn Photography blog

iPhone lenses

OK so as much as we love SLR’s and the bigger cameras, how you can you forget the camera that’s always in your pocket. You can take amazing photos with your smartphone and with these cool clip on lenses from Olloclip you can get even more creative with four versatile lens options including fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro and 15x macro that simply clip onto the front of your phone. Don’t forget that we also run regular iPhone photography courses.

Lens mug

There’s no better way of enjoying a cup of coffee that with one of these cool lens mugs.  Modelled on actual lenses from Canon and Nikon that features lens cap tops and rubber grip focus rings, you can order online from PhotoJoJo.

lens mug - Learn Photography blog

GoPro camera

GoPro cameras have taken the world by storm and aren’t just for extreme sports, you can take still photos, video, time lapse and the image quality is amazing plus you can take them underwater and shoot in places where you wouldn’t dare take your digital SLR!  Available in a range of different versions that start at around $300.

GoPro - Learn Photography blog

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